About Dj MomoLatino

Relevant experiences are:

  • Summer Tropical Beats kizomba – Prague(CZ)
  • Prague Czech National Salsa Congress – Prague(CZ)
  • Latin Fenix weekend – Prague(CZ)
  • Prague SBK dance Festival Brno(CZ)
  • Bachata sensual weekend with Kiko&Christina Brno(CZ)
  • Bachata Fever 2018 Prague(CZ)
  • Bratislava Winter Festival – Bratislava(SK)
  • Bachatabox Amsterdam – Amsterdam(NL)
  • Horuce Tatry 18th edition – Bratislava(SK)
  • Salsa Gala – Vienna(AU)
  • Prague Bachata festival – Prague(CZ)
  • Bachata Magic Prague – Prague(CZ)
  • Roma Sensual Symposium – Roma(IT)
  • Adam Bachata Festival – Amsterdam(NL)
  • Bachata Bratislava Weekend – Bratislava(SK)
  • Feria Latin Orange Festival – Ville D’Orange(FR)
  • All Stars Festival – Budapest(HU)
  • El Sol Festival – Warsaw and Katowice (PL)
  • All Stars Bachata Marathon – Budapest(HU)
  • La Primavera Festival – Plzen(CZ)
  • Bachata Halloween – Munich(DE)
  • Bachata Explosion – Berlin(DE)
  • Iasi Latin Sunrise – Iasi(RO)
  • Dance Casa Festival(HU)
  • Magic Castle Dance Festival(SK)
  • WrocLove Bachata Festival(PL)
  • M&M Wish Dance Sensual Festival(HR)
  • Prague Bachata Dominant Congress(CZ)
  • LoveToFest (and many other events in LofToDance) – Krakow(PL)
  • Organizer various International Events in Prague like concert of Esme, Dustin Richie, Dani J, Kewin Cosmos, Pinto Picasso, Jr.. And workshops with Magda and Valeria, Carlos Espinosa, Lukasz and Ewa, Simone y Danila, and Organizer of KizManiac and BachataManiac Prague.
My Story:

My passion for music was born as a teenager and grew up when I started working as a DJ in some radios and discos in Naples.

It was love at first sight when in 2008 I initiated dancing classes of Salsa and Bachata, since then I never stop playing these styles. At the beginning of my career, I played in some venues and events of Salsa organized by Salsa schools in Rome.

Since 2016 I’m based in the Czech Republic. Here I started organizing Parties and Events, where I mostly play Bachata, Mambo, Cuban Salsa, and Kizomba. I have been playing as a main DJ in a very known club in Prague, Tresor Club, however, I am actively attending parties and festivals in other events in Prague but also in other Countries all over Europe, like Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Romania.

I am open and it is a pleasure working to be part of this amazing and growing international community of dancers, singers, and Djs, My achievement is to give my best contribution to make people happy, and I hope that through my sets, more souls could feel joy, and experience all loving and positive emotions.

Info Contact me at : carlo@djmomolatino.com

My Equipment:
Console/Controller: PioneerDj  XDJ-RX3 and PioneerDj DDJ-FLX6
PC: Asus ZenBook i7 10TH Gen.
Audio System: 2 x ALTO TS215 1100Watt Pick 550Watt RMS (Total 2200Watt – 1100 RMS)

Audio System Open Air: 2 x BOSE S1 PRO

StroboLight and Smoke Machine