About Dj MomoLatino


Relevant experiences are:

  • Summer Tropical Beats kizomba – Prague(CZ)
  • Prague Czech National Salsa Congress – Prague(CZ)
  • Latin Fenix weekend – Prague(CZ)
  • Prague SBK dance Festival Brno(CZ)
  • Bachata sensual weekend with Kiko&Christina Brno(CZ)
  • Bachata Fever 2018 Prague(CZ)
  • Bratislava Winter Festival – Bratislava(SK)
  • Bachatabox Amsterdam – Amsterdam(NL)
  • Horuce Tatry 18th edition – Bratislava(SK)
  • Salsa Gala – Vienna(AU)
  • Prague Bachata festival – Prague(CZ)
  • Bachata Magic Prague – Prague(CZ)
  • Roma Sensual Symposium – Roma(IT)
  • Adam Bachata Festival – Amsterdam(NL)
  • Bachata Bratislava Weekend – Bratislava(SK)
  • Feria Latin Orange Festival – Ville D’Orange(FR)
  • All Stars Festival – Budapest(HU)
  • El Sol Festival – Warsaw and Katowice (PL)
  • All Stars Bachata Marathon – Budapest(HU)
  • La Primavera Festival – Plzen(CZ)
  • Bachata Halloween – Munich(DE)
  • Bachata Explosion – Berlin(DE)
  • Iasi Latin Sunrise – Iasi(RO)
  • LoveToFest (and many other events in LofToDance) – Krakow(PL)
  • Organizer various International Events in Prague like concert of Esme, Dustin Richie, Dani J, Kewin Cosmos, Pinto Picasso. And workshops with Magda and Valeria, Carlos Espinosa, Lukasz and Ewa, Simone y Danila, and Organizer of KizManiac and BachataManiac Prague.


My Story:

My passion for music was born as a teenager and grew up when I started working as a DJ in some radios and discos in Naples.

It was love at first sight when in 2008 I initiated dancing classes of Salsa and Bachata, since then I never stop playing these styles. At the beginning of my career, I played in some venues and events of Salsa organized by Salsa schools in Rome.

Since 2016 I’m based in the Czech Republic. Here I started organizing Parties and Events, where I mostly play Bachata, Mambo, Cuban Salsa, and Kizomba. I have been playing as a main DJ in a very known club in Prague, Tresor Club, however, I am actively attending parties and festivals in other events in Prague but also in other Countries all over Europe, like Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Romania.

I am open and it is a pleasure working to be part of this amazing and growing international community of dancers, singers, and Djs, My achievement is to give my best contribution to make people happy, and I hope that through my sets, more souls could feel joy, and experience all loving and positive emotions.

Info Contact me at : carlo@djmomolatino.com

My Equipment:
Console/Controller: PioneerDj  XDJ-RX3 and PioneerDj DDJ-FLX6
PC: Asus ZenBook i7 10TH Gen.
Audio System: 2 x ALTO TS215 1100Watt Pick 550Watt RMS (Total 2200Watt – 1100 RMS)

Audio System Open Air: 2 x BOSE S1 PRO

StroboLight and Smoke Machine